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Excellence, Mastery are Choices AND Functions Of Greatest Shortcuts

Greatest Success Shortcuts? Indeed!
Excellence and Mastery Certainly CANNOT Be Achieved Accidentally, true?


Naysayers Teach Us Shortcuts to Winning and Succeeding
"People who say it cannot be done should stop interrupting those who are doing it"

Each of us is familiar with the concept of there being at least one in every crowd.
Be confident you know one or two of them yourself. We call them "naysayers."

No matter how terrific an idea may be that they are presented with,
these people invariably have something unpleasant to say...

about the idea, and/or the person who presented the idea.

Day after day, you'll find these self-styled critics putting down someone else's thoughts, ideas, and actions.

It is a virtually autonomic observation that they, I, and you cannot remember meeting even one lone "naysayer"... who had repeatedly achieved whatever it is they were denigrating or repudiating the probabilities of accomplishing!

True, or not?

Further, none of are are likely able to name even one legitimately successful person who exemplified or,
in greater likelihood, has ever demonstrated this type of negative attitude and approach ... not once in all of my travels.

A fellow famed for his wisdom wrote,

"We are offended by a fault in someone...
only after, or because,
we have identified that fault... in ourselves."

It's entirely possible that this might help to explain why we're so ROUTINELY unwilling to open up to potentially valuable advice and suggestions from others: It's easier to do so than to face up to the fact that we haven't gone ahead and fixed up that particular area of our lives.

After all, if we downgrade the suggestion, or the person issuing it, we successfully avoid looking at our own performance AND effort levels. We'd rather fix the blame than the problem, yes?

Rich Little, high school football star crippled in an accident, realized how much he disliked being with himself. Asking questions, he found that most people turn on the radio or TV, and otherwise avoid spending time with themselves & determining WHAT needs fixing or improving, and creating a plan for doing so. This encouraged him to develop a course on learning how to get along better with self AND others, how to better prepare for job interviews, & how to set plans for one's life; but when he sought financing from various foundations, they all laughed at his multi-page applications, pointing out that he had no college degrees, or other "credentials" for justifying a grant.

REALITY: 95% of the people who read this would "take the hint" after 30 different foundations rejected their applications. But not Rich. He waited until seventy five foundations said "No." That's when he REALLY buckled down & got exceptionally busy, and then busier.

Thirty more turned him down...40 more, & yes, fifty.

A whopping total of a hundred and forty foundations called to tell him it was a "no go." Do YOU have the fortitude to keep on going in the face of so much failure? Rich did. When the Kellogg Foundation called to tell him "Sorry, Rich, there's just no way we can see you starting this type of program for eighty thousand dollars," his heart sank yet again.

The voice on the phone continued. "Rich, it seems to us that a program like this just wouldn't work with eighty thousand dollars; so we're giving you \$150,000 to start with."

Last I heard, Rich Little's program was being taught in more than 5,500 high schools around the world!! He simply had no time to pay heed to the "naysayers." There's a profitable lesson for all of us here.Mom used to tell us kids, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."The next suggestion I hear? I think I'll just stop without saying much, beyond "Thanks," or, "I see." If the advice or suggestion seems to apply, or have value, I'd be silly not to take some action upon that advice. If not, I have no trouble remembering the phrase, "If it doesn't apply, let it fly."

More importantly, I'm inclined to look at whether or not the person issuing the advice or suggestion has recently, or ever, applied the recommendation themselves. If so, I'm certainly inclined to ask for some more details... because I've no wish to be a naysayer.

Whenever she'd hear one of her five children degrading or making fun of someone else's efforts/dreams/input to a subject, my mother would quickly say, "Don't knock it... unless you can do better."

Isn't it funny how our mother seems to get wiser... as her children get older?

Excellence is - and INFINITELY SO - far more of a choice than merely a chance.
Your decisions, and your persistence, your goal-setting, your daily actions, repeated,
are, provably, the predominant factors of your leaping success ... or dreadful lack thereof.

You already realize that you're fairly well surrounded by the greatest shortcuts,
being used by the people who've repeatedly given YOU reason to admire them, hm?

Whom do you admire? Who do you most want to be like? THAT's one of your role models.

By imitating the people you most wish to imitate the results of, you bypass trial-and-error.
No, not ALL of the trial-and-error, obviously, just about half, maybe a bit more than half of it.
What that leaves is more time for you to avail yourself of the additional opportunities this affords.
Seek and find YOUR greatest success shortcuts. Speak less and do more, you'll notice our respect.
Even better, you'll be able to note that YOU get imitated by the people who admire YOUR steps.
Do you always give people a reason to say yes? Do you use both hands as often as you can?
You've a great number of great shortcuts, and people who make use of them repetitively.
If that's not a great starting point, what's YOUR suggestion?

Our own mentors have said it many times over many years:
"What you do speaks so loudly, no need for you to say a word."


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